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Dean's Distinguished Service Awards Nomination Form

Separate nominee information is required for each candidate. Nominees may receive an award only once in a category. The deadline for nominations is February 1, 2018.

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Sustained School of Medicine Service Award - Awarded to a faculty or staff member with at least ten years of continuous service to the School of Medicine, who consistently demonstrates ongoing commitment to improving the School of Medicine, exceeds his or her job responsibilities, and helps create a positive work environment.
Dean’s Leadership Award - Awarded to a faculty or staff member whose strong leadership has contributed to the School of Medicine’s success in advancing one or more of its missions.  The award may recognize outstanding leadership in a specific role or related to a specific project, in which the individual’s contributions were essential to achieving a significant accomplishment for the School of Medicine.
Friend of the School of Medicine Award - Awarded to a member(s) of the community whose service to the School of Medicine has contributed to the advancement of the School of Medicine’s missions. The award may be given to an individual(s) or to an organization.  The award recipient(s) should not be a SOM employee, though former employees of the SOM could be eligible, if the service being recognized occurred subsequnt to their SOM employment.
Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award - Awarded to a member of the faculty, staff, or student body of the School of Medicine who has implemented a project or program which has enhanced the climate of diversity and inclusion in the School of Medicine or advanced diversity and inclusion in health care disparities. This may include initiatives to promote a diverse faculty, staff and student body, to promote an inclusive campus climate, or to address health disparities through teaching, research, clinical interventions, or community outreach.
Community Service Award - Awarded to a member(s) of the faculty, staff, or student body whose contributions to the local, regional, or global community has demonstrated a commitment to improving the welfare of all people and has upheld the highest traditions of servant leadership.
Career Achievement Award - Awarded to a member of the faculty or alumni of the School of Medicine whose career has spanned at least 25 years.  This individual must have made significant contributions to their profession in at least two of the following three areas:  1) clinical practice, academic medicine, or research; 2) medical or graduate education; 3) leadership in their profession at the local, state, or regional/national level.

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Please provide a statement detailing why you believe the nominee should be selected for the award and include specific examples of her/his contributions and actions that meet the criteria for the award.

The nomination committee strongly encourages you to send this information so they can make an informed decision about each nominee.

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Ruth Riley, Assistant Dean for Executive Affairs & Director of Library Services
School of Medicine Library 
USC School of Medicine
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